How do we protect ourselves?

How do we protect ourselves?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact normal life around the world, misinformation is unfortunately also on the rise. Of these claims, one in particular that we’ve started to notice is concern over shipping and receiving packages.

There’s currently no evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 from packages, even from highly affected areas. Experts agree that transit conditions aren’t conducive to the virus’ survival, especially over a timeframe spanning days or even weeks.

Extensive precautions

Based on the Center for Disease Control’s latest briefings, it’s unlikely that a spread of the virus from products or packaging could occur, and there have been zero transmissions from this as of now. In the current situation, it’s understandable that there’s still some level of anxiety. But rest assured –  we’ve introduced extensive precautions not just in our offices, but across all our factories and warehouses, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

In fact, because we’re headquartered in Hong Kong and most of our factories are based in China, we’ve actually had to start taking these precautions earlier than most around the world are doing now. We’re sharing a full list of the preventative measures we’ve taken since February.

In warehouses and factories

    Everyone (including factories still shut down in China) has been reporting their temperatures and health status every morning. Those that have re-opened recently are also screening everyone (employees, visitors, goods and materials) before allowing entry.
    All our factories and warehouses are undergoing disinfection protocols twice a day.
    Two masks are given to each person per day and have to be worn throughout. All our partners have also designated proper disposal areas, exclusively for used masks.
    In order to minimize the flow of people as much as possible, elevator use is being restricted to goods and materials delivery. Our factories have also created additional cafeteria areas and designated staggered lunch hours to ensure a safe distance for everyone.


In offices

    We’re all working remotely as much as possible, both to slow the spread and show solidarity with our healthcare professionals around the world. We’re all communicating via Microsoft Teams, from our homes.
    For anyone who has to stop by the office, it’s now mandatory to wear a mask at all times, avoid large-scale meetings and reduce face-to-face contact. We have masks and sanitizer available for all our employees who have to be in the office.
    All business travel has been suspended.

Work from home Native Union

We’re taking full precautions to protect our employees, partners, and customers through these extraordinary circumstances. As the situation changes, we’ll keep re-evaluating what we can do to stay vigilant –  and if you have any other concerns, we’re here to chat.

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