The new standard of charging

The new standard of charging

The more time we spend on-the-go –  whether traveling short or long distances, or even just shifting between personal and professional contexts – the more we realize that our time is priceless.

Increasingly reliant on different devices throughout our everyday lives, being without power or having to wait for your device to charge is becoming more of a universal hassle. That’s where Power Delivery comes in. If you've heard this term already, there’s a good chance you’re still a bit confused. Power Delivery is essentially a brand-new standard of charging.

Faster charging

Simply put, it’s a new technology that’s capable of delivering more power to your device in a shorter amount of time. Paired with a USB-C charging cable, this translates to significantly faster charging time overall compared to your standard in-the-box charger.

Through internal testing, we found that our 18W Smart Charger PD can power your iPhone to 50% in just 27 minutes – 45 minutes less than what a standard charger delivers. With the 45W Smart Hub PD, your iPad can be powered to 50% in under an hour.

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It’s finally a power solution that can always keep up with your lifestyle.

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Multiple ports

One feature we insisted on for both Smart Charger PD 18W and Smart Hub PD 45W is multiple ports: both the latest, PD-enabled USB-C, but also USB-A. This way, our chargers are your go-to for virtually any devices, both older and new.

Catering to the on-the-go lifestyle, we’ve always made sure our wall chargers come in an international version, with travel adaptors to keep you powered anywhere you are. With the new PD function, we knew this was even more important to have. Whether you only have 10 minutes to charge at an airport, or just want to lighten your travel carry, our Power collection was created for effortless fast charging everywhere.

Keep work organized

Enhanced function is of course, always a huge focus when creating our products. But just as important for us is design. With the Power collection, we knew the momentous development of PD deserved a design to match. Distinct from the usual PD charger design, we designed ours with a uniquely flat and lightweight construction, foldable pins, and vertical USB-port access – not only an ideal space saving solution for awkwardly placed power sockets, but also the perfect travel accessory.

Featuring a stone-finish texture, accent aluminum stripe, and dust repellent, ridged silicone, our PD wall chargers are a combination of both refined, considered design and leading functionality.

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Jump+ Wireless Powerbank

While PD technology isn’t going to radically change our lives, the more time we’re able to save on things like charging our devices, the easier it’ll become for each of us to do more whether you’re always on-the-go or jumping between settings.

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